golFLYT Alignment Iron Plate Trainer

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  • Posture Practice: When the golf alignment sticks are placed vertically in the ground, they allow you to practice your long game and posture;
  • Shot Accuracy: The golf alignment sticks help you perform multiple training drills that enable you to practice to improve your shot accuracy, balance, ball position, putting;
  • Professional Effect: The golf alignment sticks help you create and simulate the correct swing positions, and allow you to perform the same highly effective practice drills as used by the professionals;
  • Usage: The golf alignment sticks are suitable for all levels golfers, Advanced/Beginner/Right-handed/Left-handed/Men/Women/Junior. It is a must-have item for golf instructors and golfers who wants to improve their shot;


  • Color: Black
  • Material: iron
  • Weight: 585g