golFLYT Golf Impact Stickers (125 Labels)

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  • Each Impact Sticker can be Used to Capture at Least 6 Impacts and Shows the Percentage Distance Loss for Hits Off Center
  • Helps Make Adjustments to Your Posture, Your Swing, or Stance as You Address the Ball
  • You use it on Your Practice Rounds and on the Range to Help you Better Understand Your Swing
  • Easy to Apply and Remove, Leaving No Sticky Residue, it does not Damage Your Golf Club's Face
  • Package include: 125 x Standard Irons Impact Labels +125 x Standard Woods Impact Labels (250 Pcs in Total)
  • 125 Pcs Standard Irons Impact Labels Only
  • 125 Pcs Standard Woods Impact Labels Only
  • Weight: 115g
  • Material: Leaving No Sticky Residue Sticker
  • Package Includes: 125 pcs standard irons +125pcs standard Woods impact tape